Up the Down Escalator

An open letter to all our those in the Fitness Community
We recently came across a post from one of our 614Fitness family members.
Wils said:
“Some thoughts on aging. Staying fit takes effort. It’s like climbing up the down escalator: In order to maintain your current fitness level – to stay in the same spot – you have to keep climbing those stairs. The instant you slow down or stop, you start to go backwards. If you want to go higher, you have to climb faster.
The problem is, every year they speed up that f***ing escalator, so in order to stay at your current level you have to work harder.
(But) It’s worth it.”
It reminded us of a few things we wanted to share with everyone:
  • Staying fit is HARD!
    • There are no easy answers, no magic pills, unique gadgets or voodoo dolls. It takes hard work
    • excuseAnd…
  • You have to stay COMMITTED.
    •  If you don’t keep climbing that escalator, you are going to go backwards. There is no other way, no maybe’s, no if’s, no but’s.  Excuses are not part of a winner’s vocabulary.
    • So…
  • Surround yourself with like minded FIT-FRIENDS.
    • Relationships and commitments will make this medicine easier to swallow. The support of friends and family can be the elixir to get you motivated and fighting through the hard times.
    • And, as strong as you are…
  • You really CAN’T DO IT ALONE!
    •  That’s why you need to get yourself in here. Just like a lawyer should not represent him/herself, an athlete really needs a guide and an extra set of eyes, a trainer to push, pull, support and do whatever is necessary to keep you climbing the escalator of your fitness journey.
    • But still…
    • Give yourself permission and a little self-love … but then start climbing again, just a pause, not a period.

In summary … Stay strong, stay focused and stay committed. Get to the gym and crush that damn escalator!

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